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Is Boric Acid Safe For Dogs

Boric acid poisoning is usually caused by eating cockroach medicine. If the dog takes too much boric acid, it needs to go to the pet hospital for examination and treatment. Because boric acid can be used to kill common pests (borax also hass the same effect), the main mechanism is to corrode insect exoskeletons and affect their metabolism by feeding them, so boric acid solution can be used to clean parasites in dogs, or to treat skin diseases in dogs.

If the dog is poisoned due to the absorption of boric acid due to extensive skin damage, it should be promptly washed with a large amount of warm soapy water, and then quickly sent to the pet hospital for treatment.

If the dog excrement is poisoned by absorbing a large amount of boric acid by using cockroach medicine, it shall be immediately sent to the pet hospital for vomiting, gastric lavage and diarrhea.

In general, we want to avoid contact with boric acid or borate products. For example, when using cockroach medicine at home, we want to make sure that the dog does not eat it at home.

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