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Boric Acid Solution

  • Boric Acid FireBoric Acid FireJune 06, 2019Boric acid is heated to 100 ℃, due to constantly lose water, become metaborate it first, it has three variants, melting point 176 ℃, 201 ℃ and 236 ℃ respectively. Boric acid dehydration to produce...view
  • Boric Acid Skin CareBoric Acid Skin CareMay 05, 2019A clear, colorless, odorless liquid containing at least 4.25g of boric acid per 100ml for external use as an antimicrobial.Function and purpose:It is often used for cold and wet application, and has t...view
  • Boric Acid Side Effects HumansBoric Acid Side Effects HumansMay 05, 2019Excessive use of boric acid products cause human body boric acid or borate salt intake can lead to poisoning, boric acid salt for the skin, usually a wound or oral, or after long-term exposure can cau...view
  • Boric Acid ToxicityBoric Acid ToxicityMay 05, 2019Boric acid is toxic to human body, and internal use affects nerve center. Borax or borax (borax) can be absorbed quickly from gastrointestinal tract, serous cavity and damaged skin, so it can be poiso...view
  • Boric Acid DisposalBoric Acid DisposalMay 05, 2019When using boric acid, the sample should be processed. Next, I will introduce the sample treatment method of boric acid.1. Non-reduction boric acid disposalThe samples of physiological body fluids, se...view
  • Boric Acid FlakesBoric Acid FlakesMay 05, 2019Boric acid chip can be ground into a boric acid powder, boric acid powder is a kind of external use, appearance is white powder, mainly as a disinfection antiseptic, without excitant, boric acid powde...view
  • Products Containing Boric AcidProducts Containing Boric AcidMay 05, 20191. Medical industry: boric acid ointment, disinfectant, astringents, antiseptic.2, flame retardant: boric acid alone or with borax.3. Metallurgy: additives and solvents in the production of boron stee...view
  • Uses Of Boric Acid In Daily LifeUses Of Boric Acid In Daily LifeAugust 08, 2018Uses Of Boric Acid In Daily Life: Glass and glassIt can be used in the production of optical glass, acidproof glass, organic boron glass and other advanced glass and glass fiber. It can improve the he...view
  • Boric Acid Outdoor UseBoric Acid Outdoor UseAugust 08, 2018Boric acid in garden to kill roaches?Question:I read that boric acid can be used to kill roaches. Can I use boric acid in my flower beds to keep the roaches from coming indoors?Answer:Boric acid is ef...view
  • Boric Acid Solution For Human EyesBoric Acid Solution For Human EyesAugust 08, 2018If the boric acid solution for eye infection is not high, such as 3%~5%, it will not cause any damage to the eye. An infected person only needs to be rinsed with water. If boric powder for eye infect...view
  • Boric Acid Medical UsesBoric Acid Medical UsesAugust 08, 2018Boric acid is a hydrate of Boric ahhydride and is commonly used in dermatology. Boric acid ointment with a concentration of 2-5% and less than 7% is commonly used clinically. Boric acid is a kind of s...view
  • Boric Acid Solution For SkinBoric Acid Solution For SkinAugust 08, 2018When people's skin is exposed to boric acid, they must remove the contaminated clothing, flush it with plenty of flowing water and seek medical treatment. In addition, boric acid can be absorbed by th...view
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