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Boric Acid Solution For Human Eyes

If the boric acid solution for eye infection is not high, such as 3%~5%,  it will not cause any damage to the eye. An infected person only needs to be rinsed with water. If boric powder for eye infection is more than 5%, the infected person should lift the eyelid and flush with flowing water or normal saline for at least 15 minutes to avoid damage to the eye conjunctiva. Those who are serious should be sent to the hospital for first aid or to the regular hospital for ophthalmology. Boric acid lotion may irritate the conjunctiva, cornea causing pain, tears, foreign body sensation and other symptoms. Don't worry, the infected person needs only to rinse with water and not to rub his/her eyes with. In addition, boric acid can be diluted as a boric acid eye wash for humans. Boric acid powder eye wash can't be used to much. Long-term use of boric acid eye wash solution can cause irritation. It can also harm pets, pets and react faster than humans.

Borate causes vitamin B2 deficiency. Moreover, vitamin B2 can form a water-soluble complex with borate, which can reduce Borate’s cytotoxicity, and help to eliminate it. Therefore, in the treatment, patients should be given intravenous or muscle injection of vitamin B2 1mg/Kg. As for skin, eye treatment, borate irritation is very low. The patient is usually only rinsed with water or moved to a fresh place in the air. But for those with multiple or extensive skin exposures, be careful.

Borate is not highly toxic to the human body, However, when people are exposed to large amounts of borate, it can stimulate human medulla oblongata and cause spontaneous vomiting. In addition, borate can produce toxicity to central nervous system and kidney when the amount is large or the times are many. What's more, it may cause vitamin B2 deficiency.

Boric acid uses for humans, which should be paid more attention to. Topical boric acid should avoid contact with a mucous membrane, otherwise, it will be into the human body. When a stimulus-response is detected, it should be discontinued immediately. And doctors should be consulted to ensure it does not cause any health problems.
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