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Premium Grade Boron Oxide CAS NO 1303-86-2

Standard of Premium Grade Boron Oxide CAS NO 1303-86-2


Electronic Grade/ Index(%)

















Package:Outside Kraft paper bag with inner plastic bag. Of course, If you have special requirements about packages or label on the bag, it is no problems for us to do it as your requirements.

Net Weight: 25KGS / Kraft paper bag
Gross weight: 25.17 / Kraft paper bag
Net weight: 1ton / Pallet (40bags / pallet)
Measurement: 1.35 M3 / pallet
20MT (20 pallets) per container

Delivery Time: 3-5 working days after getting the payment from bank. If you need special powder, please contact us firstly.

Storage: The Boron oxide's bag sealed and keep in a dry, cool and ventilated place. Please keep the bags tightly closed after using.

Transportation: When transport the boron oxide, it should avoid violent collision, rain
Drenching and can't take mixed transportation with strong oxidants during transport.

Applications of Premium Grade Boron Oxide CAS NO 1303-86-2

● Specialty glass such as LCD/TFT screens, fiber optics, heat resistant glasses.
● It is an additive in production of high strength and heatproof ceramics and refractory materials. Temperature, corrosion resistant materials.
● As a catalyst for organic processing, the additive of lubricant chemical used in high temperature. It can be also used in environmental protection.
● Used in production of alloy and steel in metallurgical industry.
● Synthesizing many boron compounds.

Safety instructions:
The boron oxide is considered toxic. It is harmful to bodies health by swallowing, breathing in, eyes contacting, skin contacting. To bring it into contact with eyes or skin will lead to irritation. To swallow it will lead to irritating alimentary canal. To inhale it will lead to irritation of respiratory tract. The highest allowable concentration is 15mg/m3 (OSHA) in working place. Wear safety-protective glasses, dust-proof gauze musk, rubber gloves during handling it.

Remark : This boron oxide has been strictly quality-checked and granted for (exit-works) delivery. We can provide you the COA after the goods out of factory. If special request for Mesh Size, please kindly let us know. By the way, when you export this powder to the countries of European, we can supply you the Reach Report for supporting.

Our fine boron oxide are high purity as 98.8%min with snow white powder as 60-200mesh for your choose. Please try if your are interested in it.

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