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Privacy Policy

Xi'an Unique Electronic & Chemical Co., Ltd. (here named as "Xi’an Unique") fully recognizes the importance of protecting the product use information of its customers in accordance with the "Information Protection Policy" of the company and formulates and implements the following related systems. 

1.  When posting information such as customer's opinions and pictures on the website, Xi'an unique must publish the information in accordance with the company's information protection policy with the consent of the customer and only for appropriate information.

2.  Xi'an unique will stipulate the specific purpose of use of boron products and publicize it. In addition, the scope of information collection is limited to the need to achieve the purpose, and will not exceed the necessary limits.

3.  When customers browse existing boron oxide and Boris acid information through the website. In principle, Xi’an Unique perform reasonable encryption processing during the communication process to prevent information from being leaked during reception and transmission. 

4.  Regarding the consultations obtained through the website, Xi’an Unique sometimes provides it to companies that inherit the relevant business. At this time, Xi’an Unique will reach a consensus with the business entrusting party or business successor in the form of a contract to ensure that these companies implement the information protection system in the same way as the company to prevent information leakage. 5.  Although Xi'an Unique has obtained an access log for the website, this information is only used for the production of statistics on the operation of the website, as well as the reasons for investigating illegal access, etc., and will not be used for other purposes. 
6.  Regarding the inquiry about the boron oxide's product information, Xi’an Unique Electronic and Chemical Co Ltd. has a Tel No. :0086-029-88238008, Fax No.: 0086-029-88249438 and E-mail Address: sales@china-unique.com
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