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Catalyst Carrier for Boric Acid

Boric acid is a chemical that has a certain harmful effect on long-term exposure. Although the knowledge about it has been introduced a lot before, today what the boric acid manufacturer brings you is the relevant content of the catalyst carrier. People who are interested can learn about it together.

Due to the formation of the surface association of the acidic catalyst support of boric acid, a metal in a finely dispersed state can be formed during the preparation of the catalyst. And the obtained catalyst has high activity. Further, after the molecular sieve is added to the catalyst, the reaction temperature in the refining process can be lowered by about 20 °C.

A Mo-Ni-P/HUSY-Al2O3 diesel hydrotreating catalyst was developed by introducing HUSY molecular sieve, pre-impregnating citric acid and ammonium fluorosilicate to modify the carrier alumina and adding phosphoric acid as a catalyst(CK-1). The dibenzothiophene desulfurization rate and the quinoline denitrification rate in the model compound were both 100%.

The above is a simple analysis of the catalyst carrier for boric acid for your reference only.

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