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Uses Of Boric Acid In Daily Life

Uses Of Boric Acid In Daily Life: Glass and glass
It can be used in the production of optical glass, acidproof glass, organic boron glass and other advanced glass and glass fiber. It can improve the heat resistance and transparency of glass, improve mechanical strength and shorten melting time.

B2O3 plays a dual role of flux and network formation in the manufacture of glass and glass fibers. For example, in glass fiber production it reduces the melting temperature and thus helps wire drawing. In general, B2O3 can reduce viscosity, control thermal expansion, prevent permeability, improve chemical stability, and enhance mechanical and thermal shock resistance.

Boric acid is often mixed with sodium borate (e.g. borax in water or borax in water) to adjust the sodium boron ratio in glass production where sodium content is low. This is important for borosilicate glass because boron oxide performs well in low sodium and high aluminium conditions.

Uses Of Boric Acid In Daily Life: Enamel and ceramics

Enamel and ceramic industries are used in the production of enamels, which can reduce the thermal expansion of the glaze and the curing temperature of the glaze, thereby preventing cracks and deglaze and improving the gloss and firmness of the products.

For ceramic and enamel glaze, boron oxide is a good flux. It can form glass (at low temperature), to improve the adaptability of the glaze. It can reduce the viscosity and surface tension, improve the index of refraction, mechanical strength, durability and wear resistance. It is an important component of lead-free glaze. High boron frit matures quickly and forms smooth glaze quickly, which is helpful for coloring. When B2O3 boric acid is introduced in the rapidly fired glazed tiles, the requirement of low sodium content can be to guaranteed.

Uses Of Boric Acid In Daily Life: Flame retardant

Adding borate to celluloid can change its oxidation reaction and promote the formation of "carbonization". Boric acid is, therefore, flame retardant. Boric acid used alone or with borax, has a special effect on reducing the flammability of celluloid insulation, wood, and cotton tires in mattresses.

Uses Of Boric Acid In Daily Life: Leather

It is used to remove the ash on the surface of bare leather to prevent the grey spots on the surface of leather after retanning.

Uses Of Boric Acid In Daily Life: Rust

Boric acid can be used as antirust agent, lubricant and heat oxidation stabilizer. It is added to lubricants, brake oil, metal working fluid, water treatment and fuel additives.

Uses Of Boric Acid In Daily Life: Binder

Boric acid is one of the components of corrugated paper binders as well as the adhesive solvent for making colocin and dextrin binders. Boric acid greatly improves the strength of wet adhesive by cross-linking hydroxyl.

Other applications of boric acid in daily life

It can be used as dye stabilizer, fabric fire retardant, wood industry preservatives and pesticides. It can be used in electroplating, rare metal smelting, electrolytic capacitor and sand casting.
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