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Boric Powder Uses

Boron is an essential element unique to higher plants, and boron is not required for animals, fungi and bacteria. Boron combines with free sugars to make it easy for sugar to cross the plasma membrane and promote sugar transport. The highest content of boron among the organs of plants is flower. And then it is the highest in the stigma and ovary. Boron has an important influence on the reproductive process of plants, and is closely related to pollen formation, pollen tube germination and fertilization. In the absence of boron, the anthers and filaments shrink and the pollen is poorly developed. The "flowery" phenomenon in rapeseed and wheat is associated with a lack of boric acid in plants. When the boron is deficient, the growth point of the apex and the tip of the stem stops growing. Lateral roots and lateral buds occur in large numbers, and the growth points of the posterior lateral and lateral buds die again, forming clusters. The brown rot of sugar beet, the leaf rolling disease of potato and the shrinking disease of apple are all caused by boron deficiency.
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